Designer Application

Thank you for inquiring about Dazzle Event:
Please fill in the following questions after you copy paste this page to a notecard created inside Second Life

After just send to me InWorld (Palomma Casanova) or send by email at:
Store Name:

Designer Name:

Manager or second contact:

Mainstore Logo:

Mainstore physical landmark:

Mainstore Link:

Mainstore Group Info & UUID

Please choose type of items you might be interested to sale at event:
(Clothing, Shoes, tattoos, home items, hair, skin, shapes, mesh bodies, other)

Your Media Links:






Please answer:

~ Are you willing to commit to the event that you signed up?

~ Are you 100% sure that you READ Requirements and you approve each one of them?

~ Will you be ready for openings at the 1st of the month that you participate?

~ Will you be able to join land group? There is member group also optional to join


~ Will you attach your pictures ONLY to the notecard given monthly?

~ Will you send your exclusive item to the blogger assigned by Dove, ASAP after you set up your display?

~ Will you contact & communicate with Palomma Casanova at ALL times on your set up status and in case of extreme emergencies?

~ Are you aware of NO REFUNDS?


~ Will you place a Dazzle’s panel at your mainstore?

~ Will you help promote your own items in groups and media?

~ Are you willing to follow the “themed event” and decorate accordingly?

~ Are you aware that you need ONE or TWO exclusives? Up to 4 items in display. Special cases can be up to 5, but ask first.

~Are you aware that MULTIVENDORS with multiple clothing is not permitted?

~ Are you aware of prim limitation according to your display size?


~~~Dazzle Event is maintained in a friendly manner and atmosphere with owner only and not with anyone else, therefore feel free to ask Palomma anything or give opinions or advices, however, it is up to Palomma to accept them~~


Thanks for answering, please send payment at same time you send application answered:

Sponsor: 60 prims for 950L
Regular display: 30 for 650L

(ask for available display before sending payment, especially for sponsor displays)

**ALL FIRST TIME DESIGNERS** will be assigned a display sign as “SPECIAL GUEST DESIGNER” and placed as close to the teleport area as possible.

You are welcome to be part of Free Dove, ask for information

Ask for the next month’s theme


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