Designer Application

Thank you for inquiring about Dazzle Event:
Before you fill in this application please read a quick summary of some of the requirements of the event to understand if you can be a good candidate for Dazzle. More detailed information will be given to all participants.
Dazzle is by invitation only. When Special offers have been announced in the group Event Finder or when you have been especially invited you need to fill up this application.
You may also apply if not invited, however we will reply if interested in what you have to offer after we visit your mainstore inworld.

Fee is involved in Dazzle Event. Read more bellow.

Copy & paste the parts between the <<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> to a notecard created inside Second Life

After just send to me InWorld (Palomma Casanova)

<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Store Name:

Designer Name:

Manager or second contact if any:

Mainstore Logo:

Mainstore physical landmark:

Mainstore Link:

For how long have you been designing?

What would you sell at the event?
(Clothing, Shoes, tattoos, home items, hair, skin, shapes, mesh bodies, other)

Marketplace Link:

Please list Media Links if any:







Did you read how Dazzle event works and the responsibilities?   (Yes or Didn’t have time)

Please READ before applying.

**Main Requirements**

~Must be an established designer with more than 6 months experienced
~Must be owner of a complete well rezzed land group mainstore and not renting a small little area at some mall
~Must have at least 30 items on display at your mainstore
~Must have a wall of partnership and group supportives
~Must be a true designer and not someone that copies simple designs and retexture them without creating your own unique style
~Must have your unique logo

**About Commitment**

~ Be willing to commit to the event that you signed up.
~ Each event opening is on the 1st of the month and your display must be done on time for opening on the first of the month.
~ You would need to join land group before the set up date *27th* of the month and if you can join also fan group ~*DAZZKE*~  (optional for notices of your event item)

**About being Organized & Responsible**

~ A Notecard of the event will be given to follow.  You must be responsible for this. This is for advertising purposes.
~This notecard contains how to attach your advertising pictures and how to send your blogger’s package no later than the 5th of the month
~ Must contact Palomma Casanova in Emergencies.
~ NO REFUNDS or carry the lost fee to another month, sorry

**About Your Display**

~ MUST follow the “themed event” and decorate accordingly.
~ MUST be aware of your prim limit according to your display
~ MULTIVENDORS with multiple clothing is not permitted.
~ No multi non related excess items on displays. No more than 6 vendors unless is about the same product.
~ No crazy decorations, excess scripts, poofs, rays
~ No super discount sales signs
(ask for more detail requirements)

**About Advertising**

~ MUST place a Dazzle’s panel at your mainstore? Ask Palomma for one
~ ONE or TWO exclusives, no more. Up to 6 items inside your display. You will select your #1,#2,#3,#4 (order of importance to place in magazine)

Additional info:

Dazzle Event is maintained in a friendly manner and atmosphere with owner only and not with anyone else, therefore feel free to ask Palomma anything or give opinions or advices, however, it is up to Palomma to accept them~~

Send at same time you send application already answered:
Dazzle Event is not Free, with no exceptions.

Sponsor: 60 prims for 950L
Regular display: 30 for 650L

(ask for available display before sending payment, especially for sponsor displays)

*Special Fee package available if applying at opening week invitation, which is the 2nd of each month when announced at Event Finder*

*”SPECIAL GUEST DESIGNER” sign will be placed on new guests display.

~~ Dazzle has CONTESTS for all designers

5 winners will be selected (A display contest)

▬ Winner ONE: Best decorated display. This will win FREE SPONSOR position next month if you participate. Must be on time or display will be given to someone else.

▬ Second Runner Up: Free regular display

▬ Third Runner Up: 50% Discount & 10 more prims on next participation

▬ Fourth Runner Up: Exclusive display announces outside event buildings
and courtyards/parks

▬ Fifth Runner 5: (1024 x 1024)Dazzle Magazine Cover picture
or magazine mainstore page

BONUS Contest:

Best Advertising picture: If selected as one of the 12 best designer picture, your picture will be placed big size around the event area or building.
Dazzle Event is part of Signature Dove same as Free Dove. You are welcome to be part of Free Dove, just ask for information

Feel free to ask for the next month’s theme


Visit DAZZLE AT:   Click to DAZZLE