Designer Application

Thank you for inquiring about Dazzle Event:
Before you fill in this application please read carefully the requirements of the event to understand if you can be a good candidate for Dazzle.
Dazzle is by invitation only. When Special offers have been announced in the group Event Finder or Event Partners or when you have been especially invited you still will need to fill up this application.
You may also apply if not invited, however we will reply if interested in what you have to offer after we visit your mainstore inworld. If you don’t hear anything in a week, this means that Dazzle was not an event for you.

Fee is involved in Dazzle Event. Read more bellow.

Copy & paste the parts between the <<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> to a notecard created inside Second Life

After just send to me InWorld (Palomma Casanova)

<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Store Name:

Designer Name:

Manager or second contact if any:

Mainstore Logo:

Mainstore physical landmark:

Mainstore Link:

For how long have you been designing?

What would you sell at the event?
(Clothing, Shoes, tattoos, home items, hair, skin, shapes, mesh bodies, other)

Attach a picture of any past exclusive at any event:

Marketplace Link:

Please list Media Links if any:






Click following links for more information

—>  Clink Link for REQUIREMENTS,FEES,RULES  *Imp to READ* before applying.

—>  Click link to read list of contests for the PARTICIPATING DESIGNER



Dazzle set up is different every month. If you visit Dazzle at a current time do not expect to be that way always. It can change from being a building, small islands, park, ect.. (the reason why is a “theme” event”