Come and tp to the “Angels on Golden Clouds” theme

Teleport here:   DAZZLE

Don’t forget to join the NEW GROUP:    secondlife:///app/group/b522d96d-3408-20b8-f0ce-17bb21318656/about

44 amazing designers start the great inauguration of the new building, new location and new logo.

Grab your champagne at the entrance and just walk around the Angelic displays!!


Dazzle is looking for Bloggers

Join our team of bloggers. Our group is less than fifteen bloggers where you are special writer for DAZZLE. 44 amazing designers joining each month on our theme event. Also Dazzle’s bloggers join “The Free Dove” and blog all the amazing free items from our designers.

IM Palomma Casanova if you have questions

New Location, New Name, New Year Start!

The Former Fashion Dazzle is now “DAZZLE”. Dazzle is starting a new year full of great themes and ideas.

*******Notice sent on blogger groups *******

We are a small cozy group of bloggers. Signature Dove Bloggers where you blog for Dazzle Event and also for the SL Historical landmark “FREE DOVE” This is an organized group where you will also have your own display area to promote your blog work because you deserve it and also we select the blogger of the month where you receive gifts. IM for an application!

TP Here for Event Location **DAZZLE**

TP Here For Free Dove        Free Dove location