Dazzle FEBRUARY Magazine Best Photos Contest

Kittycats! at Dazzle Event

It is Dazzle’s Event pleasure and honor to have KITTYCATS! celebrating its 7th birthday! Two of the cutest kitties are waiting for you to click them. You can get the free male kitty and start your hunt around the grid to find all the clues that get you back to grab the female pink kitty.

Here is the location to come

Kittycat Area


And while you are there enjoy the event with the theme “CHERRY BLOSSOM EXTRAVAGANZA”

Here is a page with all the designer photos… from the Dazzle Gallery, click to see the photos!


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Keep walking around to the awsome park by it DOVE GODDESS ROMANCE PARK!

Find the caves!! Enjoy!


Dazzle FEBRUARY Magazine Best Photos Contest

Dazzle’s June Designers are… and their locations!

This month, Dazzle Event removed the big Dazzle building to make an extension to the DoveGoddess Romance park with a beautiful garden of tons of Cherry Blossom trees of all colors. Gorgeous and colorful atmosphere all around. Enjoy watching the branches of Cherry Blossom trees moving back and forth at the rhythm of the breeze. Listen to the bird sounds and waves. Eight small islands with their designer’s pavilions are there for you to enjoy and walk around them. Very relaxing for any shopper!
you will find a free gift from one of our visitor designers, “Viena”
Come and grab and join the group!! Dazzle!!
Here are all 8 islands listed and their designers.
Have fun explorating this event and this theme!
These are Dazzle’s Event Island Locations and links to use!
Center isle is at:
Chop Zuey             (Sponsor)
Face Paint                 (Sponsor)
1 Hundred
PaperMoon              (Sponsor)
Sassy                             (Sponsor)
Beloved Jewelry
Sheii Shapes           (Sponsor)
CHARME                 (Sponsor)
Cygnus Designs
Graffitiwear     (Sponsor)
Mariposa       (Sponsor)
Storax Tree
Loordes of London
Anny’s Fashion
Mutiny in Heaven
SALTY                (Sponsor)
Alli&Ali               (Sponsor)
La Bella Boutique
D!vine Style
KL Couture
Sweet E’s     (Sponsor)
Moonstar    (Sponsor)
Enigma Apparel
Angel Eyes           (Cancelled due to RL)
Trip Art
Mani Pedi
Siss Boom
Sexy Princess      (Sponsor)
AvaGirl                    (Sponsor)
Albino Peacock   (Cancelled due to RL)
Tooty Fruity
MELT              (Sponsor)
Ashmoot               (Sponsor)
Ishara Shop